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Turn your mobile into a cycling satnav now!

Naviki apps turn your iPhone and Android mobile into a cycling satnav.


The most important functions of Naviki apps

  • Always have a cycling satnav with you
    You can call up a cycle route to your destination at any time from Naviki - Naviki turns your smartphone into a cycling satnav.
  • Chart routes easily
    It's easy to chart your own routes and then record them impressively on Naviki.
  • Plan your routes in comfort and just call them up later
    Work out your desired routes here at and then automatically call these up under "My routes" using the app.
  • Includes tachometer
    Naviki on your mobile will replace the tacho, as it displays speed, mileage and more.


Some pieces of advice

  • Use Naviki's routing options for leisure, mountain bike and racing bike to get the best tailor made routes for your style. Learn more ...
  • Use Naviki's turn-by-turn navigation including spoken instructions and navigation arrows on your display – the most convenient way to cycle. Learn more ...
  • Fasten the smartphone to the bike handlebars with one of the brackets on the market. This is the most comfortable way to make use of Naviki's benefits.
  • Charge your mobile on the bike. There are now many different solutions for your power supply en route. Learn more...


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New routing options!

Our Apps for Android and iOS as of now offer specific routing for leisure, for MTB and for racing bikes!
Learn more …

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Naviki - the bike App for iOS


Naviki - the bike App for Android