How to use DenmarkByBike

Some of the best cycle routes – both signposted routes and suggestions – can be found at DenmarkByBike.

The signposted routes are easy to recognise by their blue route signs which you will also find along the route itself.

Both routes and suggestions can be downloaded to your GPS device. If you have set up a free profile and downloaded the Naviki app, you will be able to synchronise the route directly to your smartphone.

(*) Synchronisation assumes that you are set up as a user and have downloaded the Naviki app.


How to plan a route

DenmarkByBike builds on which is a global route planner for cyclists.

Plan your own route across Denmark – and to the end of the earth!

Start by entering a starting point and a destination in the top left-hand field. To add via points to your route, click the small plus sign.

The route planner provides a suggestion automatically. A ‘daytrip’ is the default option. You will now be able to select various route options:
‘Route cycling’ – takes mostly official routes

‘Short route’ – takes the shortest possible cycle-friendly route

‘Mountain bike’ – takes roads without paved surfaces as much as possible

‘Racing bike’ – takes roads with paved surfaces as much as possible

‘S-Pedelec’ – takes a route suitable for fast electric bicycles

Irrespective of the option selected, the route planner will always suggest an alternative. This is displayed as a grey line on the map. Select by clicking the line.

If none of the options are suitable, drag the route to where you want it to go. Use the cursor to hover over the route, click and drag. Release the cursor when the route is in the required location.

A menu listing points of interest can be found in the top right-hand corner of the map. Select up to three categories at a time from the list. The selected points of interest will be displayed automatically on the map.

About the map data

About the map data
DenmarkByBike uses data from the crowd-sourced map OpenStreetMap. We thank everyone who contributes and has contributed to creating this map.

Who is behind it?
Danish Cycling Tourism is behind DenmarkByBike. Danish Cycling Tourism is an association of public and private sector operators working to develop and market Denmark as a cycling destination.