The best long routes


Denmark was one of the first countries in the world to set up a linked, national cycle route network. When the route network was set up in 1993, it consisted of 10 routes.

In 2002, the Limfjord Route was added as the last national cycle route.

These 11 routes have a total length of more than 4,000 kilometres.

Here we present some of the best routes in Denmark.

Vestkystruten/The North Sea Cycle Route - National Route 1 (562,51 km)


National Cycle Route no. 1 from Rudbøl to Skagen is 560 kilometres long. It runs as close to the west coast of Jutland as it is possible to go and guarantees wind in your hair and fantastic views. The route is not suitable for racing bikes as it includes sections of gravel road. It is more suitable for a relatively slow and child-friendly cycle in attractive Danish countryside where experiencing the scenery is more important than getting anywhere in a hurry.

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The Ancient Road Hærvejen - National Route 3 (450,67 km)

Padborg, Frederikshavn

The Ancient Road is not just one road in Jutland from north to south, but a network of roads which have followed the easiest route through the landscape for many hundreds of years. The signposted cycle route from Frederikshavn to the German border represents more than 500 kilometres through the history of Denmark and some of Denmark’s most beautiful scenery.

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The Baltic Sea Route - National Route 8 (1039,41 km)

Look forward to unique and very varied scenery in which the sea plays the starring role most of the way. Roads are generally paved and of good quality. Signage is new in many places so discrepancies may occur – if they do, please accept our apologies!


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