Book: Cykelture i Danmark

Cykelture i Danmark Cycling Routes in Denmark is a practical guide to exciting cycle trips across Denmark. The book reviews the best cycle routes by region and provides descriptions of sights along the way.

It contains both family cycle routes and more challenging routes for the cycling enthusiast.

The book was published in March 2017 and is available in bookshops and from the Danish Cyclists’ Federation ->

Cycle routes from the book can be downloaded further down this page

Cycling maps of Denmark

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation and Danish Cycling Tourism have partnered with publishers Legind to develop a series of a total of eight cycle maps covering all of Denmark. The maps were published in May 2016 and are available in bookshops and from the Danish Cyclists’ Federation.

The maps are the best up-to-date cycle maps of Denmark. Both official routes and cycle paths are included. Data are obtained from the Danish municipalities, the Danish Road Directorate, the Danish Nature Agency and a wide range of other partners.

The background map is the most recent map produced by the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency. The maps are printed on Polyart®, a very strong and weather-resistant material that reproduces colours and details clearly and precisely.

The scale is 1:100.000, with the exception of Bornholm which is 1:50.000. The maps come in a smart storage case with a velcro fastening. The maps also include practical information about how to transport bicycles, accommodation and links to further information.

Text and legend are in three languages: Danish, German and English.

The maps include: International cycle routes (EuroVelo routes), national, regional and local cycle routes, including Panorama Routes, cycle trails, tourist offices, national attractions, bicycle shops, Bed+Bike accommodation, hostels, campsites, primitive camping grounds, churches and ferry routes.

You can buy the maps here

Cycle routes in Denmark to download

The routes are indicated in the same order as in the book.
(NOTE! Some routes have no links – we are working to fix this problem)

"Naturens skatkammer" – Panoramarute 412

"Bølgeskum og brede sandstrande" – Panoramarute 413

"Højt over havet" – Panoramarute 414

"I fiskens tegn" – Panoramarute 415

"Rovfuglenes rige" – Panoramarute 416

Aalborg – turforslag

Læsø rundt – turforslag

Vendsysselruten – Regionalrute 59

"Fuglenes fjord" – Panoramarute 408

"Himmel, hav og kunst" – Panoramarute 409

"Oplev naturens kræfter" – Panoramarute 410

"Dyrenes paradis" – Panoramarute 411

Himmerlandsstien – Regionalrute 35

Hvalpsundruten – Regionalrute 29

Alhedestien – Regionalrute 21

"Den Kongelige Marskrute" – Panoramarute 401

"Kommandøren og Kaskelotten" – Panoramarute 402

"Vikinger og Vadehavet" – Panoramarute 403

"Luft under vingerne " – Panoramarute 404

"Naturpark Vesterhavet" – Panoramarute 405

"En cykeltur på søen" – Panoramarute 406

"Mellem hav og fjord" – Panoramarute 407

Den Skæve Bane – Regionalrute 23

Esbjerg – turforslag

Bryrupbanestien – Regionalrute 31

Mariager Fjord-ruten – Regionalrute 32

Gjerrildbanestien – Lokalrute

Samsø – Regionalrute 34 og 35

Aarhus – turforslag

Odense-Bogense – Regionalrute 35

Kerteminde-Korshavn-Kerteminde – Regionalrute 41 og 42

Kerteminde-Odense – Regionalrute 45

Svendborg-Odense – Regionalrute 55

Langeland – den nordlige del – Regionalrute 80 og 81

Langeland – den sydlige del – Regionalrute 82 og 83

Ærø – Regionalrute 90, 91 og 92

Odense – turforslag

Gillelejestien – Regionalrute 33

Fjordstien – Regionalrute 40

Nordkyststien – Regionalrute 47

Amager rundt – Regionalrute 80

Hedebostien – Regionalrute 86

Værslevstien – Regionalrute 61

Sejerø – turforslag

København – Havneringen (rute nr. 101)

"Sjov i pedalerne" – Panoramarute 417

"Fra kyst til kyst" – Panoramarute 418

Sundruten – Lokalrute

"I skovens grønne stilhed" – Panoramarute 420

"På toppen af verden" – Panoramarute 421

"På opdagelse med familien" – Panoramarute 422

"Den søde tur" – Panoramarute 423

"Eventyrlig idyl" – Panoramarute 424

"Fed, fjord og fossiler" – Panoramarute 425

"Drama på klinten" – Panoramarute 426

Søndersøruten – Lokalrute

Fodsporet – Lokalrute

Munkevejen – Regionalrute 88 (OBS! Link til

Fejø – turforslag

Bornholm rundt – Nationalrute 10

Vestkystruten – Nationalrute 1

Hærvejen – Nationalrute 3

Østersøruten – Nationalrute 8  (OBS! Ruten er endnu ikke komplet skiltet)

Gedser-København-Helsingør – Nationalrute 9

Limfjordsruten – Nationalrute 12