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It is not only Amsterdam that is welcoming to bicyclists, charming villages and towns across the country feature world-class cycling infrastructure and facilities. Whether you are a planner, engineer, or simply spending a vacation in The Netherlands, you will find NAVIKI useful in discovering interesting bike routes.


To get started, simple create a personal NAVIKI account and add one of the available routes. NAVIKI is free to use and the app features navigation so you can focus on cycling soaking in the landscape around you. 


's Hertogenbosch

Come experience the hospitality of ’s-Hertogenbosch, which features a beautiful historical city centre with narrow streets full of shops, museums and restaurants. The best way to experience the city is on a bike, of course. ‘s-Hertogenbosch has made recent investments in infrastructure, parking and communication to create a bicycle-friendly city. In 2009, the city council adopted its current bicycle plan: Lekker fietsen (Great Cycling) and was recognised by the Dutch Cyclists’ Union in 2011 as the Fietsstad (Cycling City), an achievement of which the city is justifiably proud.

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’s-Hertogenbosch (17 km)

’s-Hertogenbosch route (17km)

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Eindhoven, hometown of Philips and DAF, is an attractive medium sized city in the south of the Netherlands. It features many interesting places to visit in a green environment. The most attractive and efficient way to discover the city is by bicycle. Eindhoven is a bicycle friendly city with many dedicated bicycle paths and some world famous bicycle facilities like the “Hovenring”. The fully signposted Eindhoven circle route (“Rondje Eindhoven”) takes you to the most interesting and beautiful parts the city has to offer. You can rent a bicycle at the tourist office and start the circle route here or start the route wherever you want. The complete circle route is 68 kilometers long, but you can also decide to cycle one or more of the 4 loops of the circle route. Enjoy ….. !

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Eindhoven (19 km) - South-West

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The City of Tilburg has placed a special emphasis on bicycle traffic since the 1970s, when the national traffic academy was established here. That was a major boost for bicycle safety.

In 1975, Tilburg received national and international attention for its Tilburg Bicycle Demonstration Project: the construction of a 12 kilometre dedicated cycling lane between the neighbouring town of Oisterwijk, straight through the centre of Tilburg and on to Tilburg University on the west side of the city.

The 1993 Bicycle Plan laid the foundation for the realization of a coherent network of bicycle routes. The network is a hub-and-spoke system with additional primary arteries. Since then, work has continued apace on completing and improving the network. The network is now graced by two major artworks that were opened to the public in 2013/2014: the Academielaan bicycle tunnel and the Voldijk bicycle viaduct. The city has also worked energetically to improve bicycle parking facilities. Tilburg’s city centre features four free guarded bicycle parking facilities.

Tilburg (12 km) - 1st tour

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Tilburg (10 km) - 2nd tour

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A never-ending story... The story of today's Zoetermeer starts in the year 1962. The story of Zoetermeer in 2030 has also already been written, albeit on paper. Between these two dates lies three-quarters of a century of steady growth and turbulent development. It is a story that is as crystal-clear as it gets. In the Urban Vision 2030 document, Zoetermeer has described nine interrelated tasks for its future in a vision that upholds the success story of a ‘butter village’ that grew to be a ‘new town’, the third largest city in Zuid-Holland and nineteenth largest in the Netherlands in terms of population. The culture of Zoetermeer features a focus on innovation and leisure time activities. Cyclists can enjoy a breath of fresh air in Zoetermeer and its surroundings. With its decisive and modern organisation, the municipality is prepared to come to the aid of new initiatives as they develop in order to further increase the quality of Zoetermeer.

Zoetermeer (15 km)

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