Discover Dutch Cycling with Naviki

Cycling and The Netherlands: one cannot go without the other! As natural as it is for the average Dutchman to use the bike for daily transportation, it is not always that obvious for foreigners. Through the development of a platform with best practice bicycle routes and facilities in Dutch municipalities, we introduce foreigners to Dutch cycling.

For foreigners who want to:

  • Experience cycling infrastructure and facilities in The Netherlands.
  • Create cycling awareness.
  • Develop a scope of possibilities.
  • Build up examples for decision making.
  • Get inspired.

For Dutch municipalities who want to:

  • Promote Dutch cycling and their city.
  • Encourage foreign stakeholders to learn from Dutch cycling.
  • Encourage opportunities for cooperation and partnerships.


The basis of Discover Dutch Cycling is Naviki, a route planner for cyclists that allows you to go from A to B and a lot more. Users can:

  • Plan, collect and share routes.
  • Use the Navigation app to navigate from A to B with different suggestions of routes in a cycle-friendly environment to make cycling convenient, enjoyable and safe.
  • Use the Navigation app to record your paths.
  • Access the website from the entire world in six languages
  • Share information and routes on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Have access to additional information such as distance, elevation profile and saved CO2.
  • Have access to practical information such as accommodation, restaurants, leisure areas or bike shops.


The Discover Dutch Cycling Naviki Page promotes the best bicycle-friendly environments in several Dutch cities: cycle tracks, shared spaces, roundabouts, bike parking and other cycling facilities.

  • By providing routes, stories and pictures that showcase cities’ best cycling practices.
  • By including organizations and partners' contact details.


Users obviously get advantages in using Discover Dutch Cycling. They have access to a free and handy service to organize their "learning trip" in a self-reliant way. Moreover, Discover Dutch Cycling has also specific advantages for Dutch municipalities:

  • Redirect foreign stakeholders having requests that cannot be dealt with in person to an efficient, free and handy platform.
  • Get in touch with foreign stakeholders.
  • Create opportunities for future cooperation and partnerships.
  • Increase the amount of visitors on your own website.
  • Make your bicycle-friendly environment better known in the rest of the world.
  • Get a geographical and an online visibility in the international cycling context.

Go further

All we need from you to set up the page

If you represent a city or town, like the idea and want to be part of this international adventure: get on board with us and other Dutch cities! The more cities join, the more convenient this platform will be for users. You can have this done for your municipality with low effort and low cost involved.

Here are the materials we need from you:

  • A route (preferably less than 20 km), mapped as precisely as possible.
  • An English introduction with cycling specific information about your city or town (about 100 words): why is your city relevant to visit? Why is the route relevant to bike on? What can visitors learn?
  • 5 high quality pictures related to the route. 


Are you as enthusiastic as we are about showcasing how attractive, safe and fun cycling in the Netherlands is? If so, feel free to contact us and we will explain how to cooperate with us.


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