Participate in the ECC – here's how!

Find the ECC in your Naviki app

On the Naviki start view tap on 'Settings'.

Log in and select 'Contests'

Firstly log in at the Naviki app, then select 'Contests'. 

You have to be registered at Naviki in order to log in.

Select the ECC

In the view 'Contests' select 'ECC2017'.

It is possible to participate in further Naviki contests in case they happen simultaneously. 


Activate the switch 'I'm participating' – that's all you have to do to take part.

Afterwards you can select your team(s) after tapping on 'My teams'.

Naviki automatically includes all recorded trips in your ECC ranking, even those you recorded during the ECC period before you declared participation.

In case you leave a team and select a new team instead, all recorded trips will disappear from the ranking for the team you left. They will appear for the new team you selected instead.

Cycle and record your trips

Before you start a bicycle trip, simply tap on 'Record trip'. After you finished the trip, select 'Stop record' and save your route.

If you use Naviki to navigate on a planned route via the 'Start navigation' button, Naviki automatically records your trip. Select 'Stop record' and save your route after such trips as well.

Naviki automatically includes all recorded trips in the ECC ranking.

Track leaderboards

Tap on "Ranking" in order to see up-to-date ECC personal and team leaderboards within your Naviki app.

Go to the ECC website to access further leaderboards regarding the current ECC.


Have a good trip and all the best!

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Terms of use and ECC rules


Legal notice

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