Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) – the big international bicycle contest for universities

ABC – fun and exercise for staff and students

ABC for your university

The Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) is the inter­national bicycle contest for universities, colleges and similar scientific and educational institutions. It's about fun and physical activity. Sportive performance is fine but no premise for anyone's participation.

  • In June 2018 students and staff will compete within the ABC.
  • By just one tap in the free Naviki app you start recording bicycle trips.
  • Naviki counts the distance of cycled trips and provides accordant rankings – for universities, colleges, faculties and teams.
  • The thrill rises: Which universities, colleges and which teams built from students and staff will perform best?
  • Who is going to cycle most? For instance, are biologists, lawyers or linguists the best cyclists – world-wide and on our university or college?

ABC - broad international visibility of your university

By participating in the ABC your university or college enters a big international stage. Thousands of students and staff members from universities and colleges as well as journalists from all over the world are going to notice the ABC.

Cities with a high share of bicycle traffic provide a particularly good quality of life. This is proved by numerous studies and by the significant popularity of bicycle towns.

By participating in the ABC, you underline that cycling is a most welcome mode of transport around your location. Your university or college benefits from the fresh and positive image of cycling.

ABC - staff and students in shape

Corporate health management for universities and colleges has never been that easy: by participating in the ABC you generate a strong incentive for frequent outdoor activities. That's beneficial for your staff and student's health and it verifiably reduces sick days.

Moreover, the ABC has a positive impact on social life: your staff and students cycle jointly in order to compete with other universities. They can also build teams within the Naviki app in order to compete with others. Another ranking shows how people from different faculties contribute, plus there is an individual leaderboard. All rankings are available for both the local and international level.

As a university or college you decide, whether you award staff and students for their distance cycled or if it's the taking part that counts and you raffle prizes among participants.

ABC - your significant gesture for climate protection

By taking part in the ABC your university or college shows how scientific findings can be implemented in reasonable behaviour bringing out multiple individual and societal benefits.

During and after the ABC it will be visible, how many carbon dioxide emissions staff and students from your university or college have avoided in comparison to car usage. While some political players consciously distort or ignore scientific findings, you immediately get involved for climate protection via the ABC.

In any case, you decide if and to what extent you include climate and environment protection into your local ABC communication.

Easy participation for your university

Technically, the ABC completely runs within the Naviki app and on the Naviki website. There are no technical requirements for you as a university or college.

Your staff members and students use the Naviki app for recording their bicycle trips. Up-to-date leaderboards are always visible in the Naviki app and on the Naviki website. 

    These are your tasks as a university or college:

    • To provide your logo, some images and some short texts
    • To communicate the ABC towards your staff and students
    • To provide rewards for cyclists (optionally)
    • To perform selected administrative tasks by the aid of an administrative area on the Naviki website

    Learn more about your tasks as a university or college ... [link to subpage following soon]


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    For your staff and students participating in the ABC is free.


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