Your Naviki contest -
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Your competition in the Naviki app

With your Naviki competition, you show that your company is committed to environmentally conscious mobility.

Do good and be visible

Your contest is easy to find in the Naviki app. This makes it easy for your employees to participate. Other Naviki users also notice that you are committed to cycling. Your logo and a concise image - you determine your appearance within Naviki yourself.

Make your commitment to bicycle mobility clearly visible internally and externally!

Fun and excitement - Placement always in sight

Naviki competitions playfully motivate people to take their bikes more often in everyday life.

Focus on motivation and fun

Comparing your own performance with others provides fun, motivation and excitement in a competition. In addition to individual results and teams, we set up other comparisons tailored to your company. Offer your employees comparisons by department, company location or other categories to further increase the excitement in your competition.

Make the switch to bicycles palatable to your employees with a Naviki competition!

Bicycle mobility visualized red hot

Heatmaps visualize how bicycle mobility develops during the competition.

Make streets glow

Heatmaps in the Naviki app show both your own journeys and all the recorded journeys of all participants in one map each. The paths light up more the more often they are used. It's exciting to see how the heat map grows over the course of the competition and how frequently used routes stand out. Heatmaps also encourage users to try out other paths. For the best possible data protection, the heat maps hide the first and last 400 meters of each recording.

Rediscover your surroundings - with Naviki heatmaps in your competition

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