10 fantastic cycle routes

Ready for an adventure?

We have gathered the best cycle routes in Denmark.

Long routes - perfect for a cycling holiday.

Shorter routes - for daytrips.

North Sea Cycle Route - National Cycle Route 1 (562,52 km)

Rudbøl - Skagen


No other national route in Denmark contains contrasts as great as the West Coast Route. To the south, rich, flat marshland. To the north, steep and dramatic sand dunes. The West Coast Route is the story of man and sea. A 560-kilometre-long story about life on nature's terms.


Approx. 70% of the route is paved, but long sections consist of sand and gravel tracks. We recommend solid tyres.


The West Coast Route forms part of the European EuroVelo Route no. 12 which is part of the North Sea Cycle Route running from Scotland to Norway. The route is the longest cycle route in the world and runs through seven countries. Find out much more about the North Sea Cycle Route at


North Coast Trail - Regional Route 47 (65,28 km)


Dramatic cliffs and houses in danger of plunging into the sea. Views that will take your breath away if the cycling has not already managed to do that. The loveliest beach towns – very lively during the summer. Kronborg Castle is the cultural jewel in the crown.



Bryrupbanestien - Regionalrute 31 (62,12 km)


Ostseeradweg - Nationalroute 8 (947,77 km)

Freuen Sie sich auf ein ganz herausragendes und sehr abwechslungsreiches Naturerlebnis, bei dem das Meer das Meiste des Weges die Hauptrolle spielt. Mit einer Länge von über 800 km ist die Ostseeroute der längste beschilderte Radweg Dänemarks. Vielleicht auch der schönste? Die Route verbindet das Festland Jütland mit Zealand und dem Süddänischen Inselreich. Nicht weniger als fünf Fährverbindungen und acht Brücken binden die Route, die die Form des Unendlichkeitszeichens hat, zusammen. Die Wege sind im Allgemeinen gut und asphaltiert. Die Ausschilderung ist 2017-18 komplett neu gemacht.


The Ancient Road - National Cycle Route 3 (453,21 km)


Clifftop Drama - Panorama Route 426 (39,68 km)

It is no exaggeration to call this route world-class, because Stevns Klint has a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. You will encounter fascinating sights all along the route, including the fishing village of Rødvig, the Stevnsfort Cold War Museum, Højerup Old Church and Stevns Lighthouse to name just a few. There is clifftop drama here for everyone.


Wind beneath your Wings - Panorama Route 404 (26,35 km)

Fano - Circular Route

A long section along the North Sea, through the plantation and back along the Wadden Sea: this route guarantees fresh air with a whiff of salt water, wild rabbits, lots of wading birds and earthenware dogs in the windows.

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Around Bornholm - National Route 10 (123,07 km)

Taking a cycle ride around this rocky and picturesque island is something that has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. The 105 kilometres can be done in one day, but why not divide the trip into four days and experience the island and its round churches, rocks and unique scenery more fully? The bicycle is the best place from which to view all of the highlights of the island.



Langeland rundt (152,69 km)

Denne rute tager dig hele vejen rundt på Langeland, så det er bedst, hvis du kan dele den op over flere dage. Vi garanterer masser af oplevelser undervejs, hvor du kommer forbi Rudkøbing, Tranekær, Lohals, Spodsbjerg og helt ned til Gulstav Mose.


Around the Fjord - Local Route 760 (91,90 km)

Ringkobing Fjord, Hvide Sande, Ringkobing, Bork Harbour


Set aside a whole day or two for the route around Ringkøbing Fjord. It is almost 100 kilometres long with a great deal to see along the way.