Naviki data on bicycle traffic -
for more bicycle mobility and sustainable traffic planning

Get citizens on bikes

Citizens on bike lane

With a Naviki contest, you motivate your citizens to cycle more often.

Game-like incentives for healthy behavior

A Naviki contest includes leaderboards, customisable teams and personal statistics to motivate your citizens to cycle every day.

You may add prices for participation as an extra benefit for even more motivation.

Invite your citizens to rediscover the attractiveness of cycling in your region with a Naviki contest!

Environment, climate, quality of life

Cyclists in the city

As a modern municipality, you know the advantages of cycling: environmentally friendly mobility, healthy motion and more quality of life at low costs.

Cycling protects the environment and climate

A Naviki contest provides all participants concrete numbers on their contribution to the climate. For each recorded bicycle trip, the Naviki app calculates avoided CO2 emissions, calories consumed and travel costs saved. Be surprised how big the joint contribution to a better quality of life will be.

Set an example for tomorrow's climate and today's quality of life with your Naviki contest!

Efficient traffic planning

Naviki heatmap

In a Naviki contest, each recorded bicycle trip provides you with valuable cycling data. Discover highly frequented paths and desire paths on the heatmap at a glance.

Actual cycling behaviour visualised

The data from a Naviki contest draws a precise picture of how citizens actually use the cycle path network. Optionally, participants send location-based feedback on the path network via the Naviki app.

Combined with counting points for cycling traffic, calibrated heat maps allow empirical statements to be made on the frequency of use of the entire path network.

Plan, prioritise and evaluate your traffic planning with a Naviki contest!

Little effort - easy participation

Naviki app record track

Your Naviki contest combines easy participation with low effort and high data protection.

  • Easy participation - Just a few steps are all it takes. Download the app, register your account, select a competition - all free of charge.
  • Little effort - The effort for you as a municipality is done in less than two hours. You can see what we need from you here.
  • Tested DSGVO compliant - Both app and web route planner are limited to technically necessary data exchange.

Get bike mobility in your municipality or region moving at full speed - with your Naviki contest!

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