Your coooool action for totally normal cycling from December till February

That was FrostCycling, the Naviki Contest about totally normal cycling from November to February. We hope you liked it! Congrats to everyone who took part!


Next FrostCycling will start in December 2024.

That's why FrostCycling is more vital than ever

Fed up with the climate crisis, traffic jams, noise and fuel prices? Join FrostCycling!

The necessary transport revolution is still coming far too slow. Yet the bicycle has enormous hidden potential we can start using right now.

With FrostCycling, we show that cycling is fully-fledged mobility, even beyond beautiful weather and gorgeous environments. Join in to transform transport with others on a daily basis!

Be coooool and join in now

  • Open the Naviki app and go to MORE / Contests / FrostCycling.
  • Enable "I participate".
  • Record your cycled trips with Naviki. Naviki also records your trips if you use it for navigation on a planned route. Your trips automatically count for FrostCycling.
  • Enjoy your growing heatmap and the latest rankings.

FrostCycling ended by February 29, 2024. It will start again in December 2024.


FrostCycling rules

  1. Valid trips count wherever they were cycled. They are not restricted to a specific city or region.
  2. In case a participant enters FrostCycling after the contest started, all trips recorded with the Naviki app before participating (but after the start of FrostCycling) count if they remain below the thresholds mentioned below.
  3. Cycled trips recorded with the Naviki app count. In order to make sure that only cycled trips count, filters automatically remove recorded trips exceeding the following thresholds: length 150 km, maximum speed 60 km/h and average speed 30 km/h (for the contest we calculate the average speed based on the time you were actively moving).
  4. All kinds of bicycles are allowed: 'normal', MTB, racing, cargo, e-bikes etc.
  5. Participants can set up teams. The minimum number of participants for a team is 3, the maximum number is 10. Each participant can join one team. Valid recorded trips also count for the team. The latest opportunity for changing team membership is February 22 (2024), 23:59 Central European Time.
  6. To ensure fair play, on suspicion of cheating the FrostCycling coordinators can check accordant trips. The coordinators have the right to exclude trips they consider to be fake or questionable and to exclude participants from FrostCycling who cheat or behave unfair.
  7. All decisions are final and not subject to legal appeal, any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Terms, privacy, help

In terms of data protection Naviki's Privacy policy applies. Furthermore, Naviki's Terms of use apply.

For privacy on heatmaps, Naviki automatically cuts off the first and last 400 metres of each recorded trip before it appears on a team heatmap.

Help ressources