Input for our Naviki Page

In order to set up your new Naviki Page, please send the input specified below to

We recommend to keep an eye on to make out where the required content will appear.

1  Elements of your Corporate Design

This section is about your logo and a specific colour. Both will be visible on each sub-page of your Naviki Page.

a) Logo

Your logo to be shown on an area of 265 x 85 pixels (width x height). You can send us your logo in any file format.

b) Colour

A colour code (RGB) of your colour that will appear on your Naviki Page. This colour will substitute the Naviki orange all over your Naviki Page. Your colour should be saturated enough to be used for text on white background. Furthermore it should differ significantly from the Naviki grey/green colour.

Alternatively we determine a coulour for you in view of your website and your logo.

2  Full size photos

The full size photos will appear on the homepage of your Naviki Page. They will fill the homepage nearly completely and they will appear alternating, each with a corresponding text snippet.

a) High quality pics

Three to five pictures in landscape format for the homepage. The pictures must have a size of at least 2.900 x 1.700 pixels (width x height). Please have in mind that the lower part of these images will be covered by the four teaser boxes (see below), depending on the screen size of the visitor.

b) Corresponding text snippets

Please send us a corresponding text snippet for each of the pictures mentioned above. Each text snippet has to consist of a short headline (32 characters maximum, including spaces) and a short text (100 characters maximum, including spaces). The text snippets will appear in the semi-transparent box in the top right of the belonging picture.

3  Content for the small teaser boxes

This is about the four teaser boxes you see on the lower part of the full size photos. Each box contains a short headline, a teaser text, an image and a link:

a) Headline

A short headline (30 characters maximum, including spaces).

b) Short teaser text

A short text (70 characters maximum, including spaces).

c) Small square image

A square-cut picture or icon (70 x 70 pixels).

d) Link

Link of a webpage or of a subpage within your Naviki Page, to which the whole teaser box will refer to.