Tips about the offline maps

Do I have to purchase offline maps just once?

Yes, the offline maps are one-time in-app purchases that you can use indefinitely.

We update the map sections regularly and you can download free updates for your purchased map sections.

You can also use your offline maps on any device that uses the same operating system and App Store or Google Play account that you used to purchase the offline maps.

What are the benefits of offline maps?

The offline maps allow you to use the high-quality maps from Naviki without an internet connection. Within the area you have purchased, you can download as many map sections as you like to your smartphone. if you use offline maps you still need a short internet connection to calculate a new route.

Is there a legend for the offline maps?

The offline maps are of course completely identical to the online maps from Naviki. You can find the example legend here.

When and how do I download map sections?

You can download the map sections of the offline maps directly after purchase.

Choose Naviki-App: MORE / Settings / Offline Maps.

Activate Offline Maps. Tap on Manage map sections. In the grid on the map, select your desired map sections and tap on Install map sections.

How many map sections can I download?

We cannot give you a general recommendation. While downloading and displaying the map data, your device processes it further in order to be able to display a map. This takes up memory and processing power, which can be time-consuming, especially on older devices. The duration of the download and the time it takes to display the maps therefore depends greatly on how many map sections you download.

We therefore recommend that you only download the map sections that you actually need. If necessary, you can download further map sections at any time or delete sections you no longer need.

It may feel pleasant to have e.g. "all of Europe" or "a whole country" stored on your mobile. According to our experience, this is only really necessary in the rarest of cases. By the way, we are looking into how we can also offer larger regions or entire countries as a complete package for download in the future.

How much memory do I need for the offline maps?

This depends on how many and which map sections you download.

Basically, you need about 200 MB of free space for the base map and map styles. In addition, each map section requires an average of about 30 MB of free space.

The actual size depends on the density of information in the map section. For example, there are map sections with smaller islands that only require 5 MB of storage space. In contrast, map sections in larger cities take up to 80 MB of storage space.

What to do if my map is black or I can't see a grid?

In these rare cases, reinstalling the app usually helps.

  • Secure your routes by signing in to the Naviki app. Naviki shows you secured routes with a small cloud next to the route name.
  • Delete the app
  • Restart your smartphone
  • Download Naviki again from your app store.
  • Log back into the app and Naviki will automatically import your routes.

For smartphones with Android, the Google Play Store automatically restores your purchased extras. On Apple devices, you can reactivate purchased extras via Naviki-App / Extras / Restore purchases.