Your locations as points of interest in the Naviki app

Guide your users through your Logo in Naviki

Would you like to increase the visibility of your company? Show your locations to your bike loving customers with Naviki.

One swipe - all locations at a glance

We place your logo and name prominently as your own points of interest (POI) category in Naviki's map settings. Naviki users activate your locations on the map with a swipe gesture. A simple tap on the desired location is enough to start navigation.

To be found may have never been so easy.

All your locations at a glance

Show your customers where to find you. Easy to set up and always up to date.

Better visible on site with Naviki

Your logo on the Naviki maps makes it easy for your customers to navigate to you by bike. Each POI contains additional information such as your website in a handy tool tip. We import your locations via your existing interfaces. This keeps your effort to a minimum and your data always up to date.

Take the visibility of your locations to a new level with Naviki.

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