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Long distance cycle route

National and international long-distance route. Example: "D2" (Baltic Sea Cycle Route)

Regional cycle route

Official regional or themed cycle route. Example: "RTR" (RhurtalRadweg)

Node network

Numbered node of an official cycle route network. Example: "30" (The Netherlands, Belgium, parts of Germany)

Local cycle route

Small and rather short local cycle route. Example: "OC1" (Around Ostercappeln)

Cycle path

Path designated for cycling. 

MTB trail

Designated mountain bike trail or rather rough forest and field path.

Path with unpaved ground

Mostly moderate forest and field path. Gravel and rough cobblestone are possible as well.

Local road

Ordinary small road for car and bicycle traffic.

Primary road

Mostly a major motorway.

Unclassified path

Mostly simple path or footpath. No specific information about surface and cycling permission available.

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