Connectivity to e-bikes and bike-related devices

Naviki cycling features and data exchange for your platform

Naviki is the ideal platform when it comes to connectivity and an intelligent use of electronic hardware on bicycles. With the Naviki app, it is easy to connect different hardware systems and make them available to users attractively. A big advantage: Naviki is already established as a comprehensive cycling app and brings in a large and active community.

Connectivity to e-bike drive systems

By using the interface (API) of an e-bike system, the following data and functions can be connected with Naviki, for example via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE):

  • Route planning in the Naviki app with transmission of routes and additional information to the e-bike display
  • Provision of navigation instructions on the e-bike display and as spoken instructions
  • Display of the remaining range on a specific route depending on the battery charge level
  • Display of the battery charge level, including warnings when charging is required
  • Transfer of data to the cloud to optimise repairs and maintenance in the workshop
  • User notification when maintenance is required, with direct contact option to the workshop
  • Integration of electronic locking systems

Connectivity to electronic bike components

Naviki is designed to interact with interfaces of various electronic bike components. The app can be used as an intelligent front end and for connecting hardware components to the internet. For instance, this applies to the following use cases:

  • Route planning in the Naviki app with transmission of routes to GPS devices and displays
  • Provision of navigation instructions for a wide range of devices
  • Connectivity to bike components such as electronic valves, speed sensors and other sensor-based systems
  • Provision of locking and opening impulses for bike locks and external lock systems such as bike boxes
  • Connectivity to fitness and health trackers

For all hardware components and use cases, the Naviki Cloud can be included as well. This allows data to be aggregated and made available to users attractively. Moreover, anonymised data can be analysed by providers of connected hardware.

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