Input for your Naviki Contest

In order to set up your Naviki Contest, please send us the input specified below.

1  Content elements

The following items will be visible on the start view of your contest within the Naviki app.

a) Key image
Two versions of your contest specific key image: to be shown on an area of 1600 x 800 px (width x height) and to be shown on an area of 1200 x 900 px (width x height). It is possible to combine a logo, a photo and very short text elements within your key image. Please send only one PNG file for each size. Your key image must not contain any intricate details, as it is sometimes displayed relatively small in the app.

b) Title of your contest and short introduction text
The official title and a short intro text that briefly describes your contest and invites your target group to participate. The introduction has to be shorter than 200 characters including spaces.

c) Information URL
The URL of your webpage dedicated to the contest. This page should provide immediate access to the contest rules, to information about prices and other surrounding topics. It should contain an option for support requests. The URL will be linked from the Naviki app and from corresponding Naviki websites, if applied.

d) Rules URL
The specific URL of your webpage containing the rules of the contest. This can be be the same URL as specified for "c) Information URL".

2  Configuration of your Naviki Contest 

Please provide a definite statement as to the following aspects requiring configuration:

a) Filter thresholds
Filters will make sure that routes, which were obviously not recorded on a cycled trip, will not count within your contest. From experience we strongly recommend the following thresholds. Average speed: 25 km/h, maximum speed: 50 km/h, maximum length: 100 km. These filter thresholds can be adapted to your requirements.

b) Geographical border
In case we agreed that only routes within a defined geographical area will count, please provide the accordant geographical border as a shape file (EPSG:4326/WGS84 coordinates).

c) Top Level Categories, Orthogonal Categories, Teams
Let us know your required configuration in line with our offer, including all sebsequent information that has to be provided by you.


In case our offer refers to further input from your side, please provide it accordingly.    


Please send the input specified above within one single email to the following address: input[at]

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