Frequently asked questions (FAQ) as to the Impulse app


How to use the Impulse app with my e-bike?

Watch the following video clip for a comprehensive introduction.


Please find further FAQs below.

How to access route planning for leisure as well as turn by turn navigation?

The features "route planning for leisure" and "turn by turn navigation" will be available as soon as you connect your Impulse app to the e-bike display via bluetooth.


How to connect the Impulse app to my e-bike?

In case the Bluetooth-Low-Energy function of your smartphone works properly, connecting your e-bike to the Impulse app is easy. Please watch the above video clip for details.

If the connection does not work, please check the following:

  • Make sure you did not inadvertently disable Bluetooth for the Impulse app within your smartphone settings. If Bluetooth is disabled for Impulse, please enable it.
  • Try out by the aid of other devices if a) the Bluetooth-Low-Energy (sometimes named "Bluetooth Smart" or just "Bluetooth") function of your smartphone works and if b) the Bluetooth unit of your Impulse display works. If one of these does not perform, please contact the respective dealer or manufacturer.


After a while I don't see any navigation instructions on the e-bike display. What can I do?

The setting for battery performance optimisation on Android smartphones (as of Android 6) can affect the connection between display and app. This can be fixed for the Impulse app as follows:

  • Open "Settings" of the Android device
  • Select the "Battery" menu item
  • Press "Battery Performance Optimisation" in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select "All Apps"
  • For Impulse, select "Do not optimise

On Samsung devices: open "Settings", select "Battery", open "Battery consumption", select "Optimize battery consumption", deactivate the switch for the Impulse app.     


What is the relation between Naviki and Impulse?

The Impulse app has been developed by Naviki specifically for the e-bike manufacturers implementing the Impulse drive. A lot of features of the Impulse app are designed similarly to the popular Naviki app. The Impulse app interacts with the Naviki Cloud like the Naviki app itself. Hence, you can use the Impulse app for perfect interplay with the Naviki website. Learn more...



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In case you have a question related to your Impulse drive or to the display of your e-bike, please contact your e-bike dealer or manufacturer.