Naviki Offline Maps now available for iOS

The long-awaited feature is now available at the App Store: You can now download Naviki Offline Maps for iOS. This is great news at the beginning of this year's cycling season.

Wherever you want to cycle your next trip, with high quality maps on your smartphone Naviki provides the best experience, independent of internet access.

You can choose from a large number of countries covering the whole of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Update to the latest Naviki version at the App Store and get your Offline Map as a Naviki in-app-purchase.

For Android devices Naviki's Offline Maps already have been available for a while. Get Naviki for Android here at the Play Store.

A solution for saving your smartphone's energy

Saving battery power can be a big issue for cycling long trips if you don't want to miss Naviki's navigation. Here's a good solution.

Simply connect your smartphone with the multi-functional bike computer Coachsmart via Bluetooth. Coachsmart serves as a second display that mirrors selected information delivered by Naviki's turn-by-turn navigation.

The Coachsmart's display constantly shows the remaining distance to the next turn and a corresponding arrow. The advantages are obvious: this combination saves battery power while the smartphone is stored safely in your the backpack or pocket.

Connect the Naviki App with the Coachsmart and enjoy Naviki's turn-by-turn-navigation even on extended routes.

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European Cycling Challenge on the road in May

Naviki is the official App for ECC 2017

We are proud to be the official App for the European Cycling Challenge (ECC). Thousands of cyclists throughout whole Europe will track their trips and collect kilometres this May with the Naviki App. More than 50 cities take part in Europe's biggest urban cyclists' competition.

We're excited to offer the best service for all participants of the ECC 2017. Let's see who's going to win the fifth edition. The city of Gdansk (Poland) is longing for the third win in a row, challenged by cyclists from Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain and many more countries.

Let's break last year's record! 46,000 participants cycled for more than 4 million kilometres in 2016. The Naviki App will show the latest rankings at any time.

For more information please visit the official ECC website.

Naviki now available for Windows Phone

Naviki App for Windows Phone

The new Naviki app for Windows Phone offers best route planning and navigation for everyday and shorter routes. The first app release for Windows Phones also provides round trip planning, height and speed profiles as well as a convenient cockpit, immediately showing speed​​, average speed, distance traveled and distance to your destination.

Furthermore Naviki easily records your own paths and synchronises them with By just one click you can transmit planned routes from to the Windows Phone app. It's simple and convenient. The result is an impressive personal collection of paths.

Route planning options for leisure, mountain biking and racing bikes, well known by users with mobile Android and iOS devices, will follow soon.

Enjoy Naviki on your Windows Mobile Phone!

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New powerful map functions and improved leisure routing

Naviki bicycle routing and navigation for holiday and leisure

Good news for the summer

As of now the Naviki routing for leisure is significantly upgraded. Routes calculated with this option now run even more consistent on officially signposted bicycle tracks as well as on long distance paths. The improved leisure routing is available via both Naviki apps and here on the web interface.

Not least we have also released a new Naviki update for Android and iOS. These are the main news for Naviki app version 3.45 within both apps:

  • Map setting 'northbounded while cycling' (tap on the top right compass icon in navigation mode for setting)
  • New arrow showing direction and distance to the route, when you leave a route (Naviki Extra 'Turn-by-turn navigation' required)

Furthermore Naviki for iOS now comes with the following enhancement:

  • Improved map with new, 3D-like look (use two fingers to set your perspective on the map)

Enjoy cycling with Naviki and enjoy this summer!

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Naviki web relaunch news

Naviki web relaunch

Our Web-Relaunch introduces many improvements on – these are the most important news in a nutshell:

  • Much smarter, clearer and intuitively understandable interface in a new beautiful design.
  • 'Plan route' page completely redesigned with a larger map and newly designed controls for easier planning.
  • 'Points of interest' of various categories can be displayed on the map and implemented in route planning as starting points and destinations.
  • Easy planning of round trips in just a few steps and with a variety of options to choose from.
  • Easy and quick way to synchronise planned routes with the Naviki app using the large button 'Memorise route and use it on app' in the map.
  • New routing option 'S-pedelec' for fast e-bikes up to 30 mph.
  • World-wide route planning.

New app versions

These are the most important enhancements of the new Naviki app version released in April 2016: 

  • Specific routing for S-pedelecs (fast e-bikes): Naviki as of now Naviki provides specific routing for S-pedelecs (up to 30 mph). It prefers minor roads with a low volume of traffic, tracks allowing high-speed cycling and a nice natural environment. The new S-pedelec routing is available in the 'Extras' menu of your Naviki app.
  • New intelligent map mode during navigation: The Naviki map now automatically orients towards the direction you cycle. Zooming in and out manually is still possible. However, after 30 seconds your current position will appear in the centre of the map again automatically.
  • Optional automatic map zoom while you cycle: The zooming ratio automatically varies depending on your current speed and an upcoming change of directions. In the event of a change in directions during low-speed cycling, the app zooms in to the map. If you are fast and there is no upcoming turn, you will see a larger area of your environment in the map. You can switch this function on or off according to your personal preference.
  • Turn-by-turn instructions now also available for recorded paths: You can now also use recorded paths and routes you downloaded from other sources with Naviki turn-by-turn navigation, including voice instructions and navigation arrows. Simply open a recorded or uploaded path from the list 'My paths' and select 'Start navigation'. You will then be prompted to choose if you want to copy the respective path to enrich it with “turn-by-turn” instructions. This is a unique feature only provided by Naviki.

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E-bikes – tailwind non-stop


Electric support for faster and more relaxed cycling

E-Bikes and S-pedelecs are bicycles with electric motors. They make cycling even more comfortable and they can play a major role in future transport on distances up to 30+ miles. Cycling with a pedelec is definitely faster than ordinary bikes. However, the support of the motor does not necessarily lead to less physical involvement of the cyclist. The same commitment of your muscles will simply bring out higher speed and sooner arrivals!

A good e-bike is pricey, but the benefits and significantly increased fun make these new vehicles more and more popular. If you can imagine how S-pedelecs can easily substitute a car, it will be worth investing in this highly advanced bike.

Naviki routing for S-pedelecs

As the first platform Naviki provides specific routing for S-pedelecs (up to 30 mph). It offers routes with minor roads and low traffic, tracks allowing high-speed cycling and a nice natural environment. The new S-pedelec routing is available in the 'Extras' menu of your Naviki app. Furthermore, Naviki shows the location of e-bike charging stations as 'Points of interest' on the map to be selected as destinations for route calculation.

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