Naviki Contests
for municipalities and regions

More bicycle mobility and high-value data for sustainable traffic planning

A Naviki Contest is an action tailored to your municipality or region in order to promote cycling.

It playfully motivates citizens to use their bicycles significantly more often. As a municipality or region, you may optionally focus on collecting cycling data with outstanding accuracy and relevance.

Realise efficient traffic planning for cycling

Data generated by Naviki Contests provide a realistic and comprehensive understanding of bicycle usage.

Understand actual cycling behaviour

The trips recorded by citizens provide a precise mapping of the infrastructure used for cycling. Weaknesses and potential for improvement within the infrastructure can be analysed in a well-founded manner, and priorities can be identified on the basis of frequency of use. Optionally, citizens will be able to articulate location-related reports during the campaign. Combined with counting facilities, Naviki data allows representative findings on the traffic volume of your entire network.

Plan, prioritise and evaluate your cycling infra­structure more target-oriented than ever before!

Motivate citizens to cycle whenever possible

Your Naviki Contest motivates citizens to use their bicycle for more and more trips.

Provide incentives for growing bicycle use

Every Naviki Contest influences the choice of transport. It initiates bicycle mobility and makes cycling more attractive to users of other transport modes. For example, the Naviki app allows to create teams and it displays engaging heatmaps, rankings and statistics. It motivates people to do as many trips by bike as possible.

Invite your citizens to discover cycling in a new way!

Show environmental and quality of life benefits

As a municipality, you know the benefits of cycling such as its outstanding environmental friendliness, little space requirement and low infrastructure costs.

Make the benefits of cycling visible

The collective achievement captured by a Naviki Contest demonstrates the benefits of cycling through solid data. The campaign highlights what distance citizens cycle and how much CO2 they avoid. The data generated shows the extent to which cycling is used for different travel purposes - from shopping to commuting to leisure.

Use your Naviki contests to underline the per­for­mance of cycling as a means of transport and its contribution to public welfare!

Implement campaign with little effort

By running a Naviki Contest, you get a high-impact action to promote cycling with minimal effort, as well as in-depth data for your mobility planning. 

  • Easy and free participation - For citizens, participation in the Naviki app is self-explanatory and free.
  • Approved DSGVO compliance - The Naviki terms of use ensure transparent and data protection-compliant implementation.
  • Minimal workload - The effort for you as a municipality or region is very low. What we need from you, you can read here.

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