Naviki Contests
for enterprises

Healthy and active employees
through bicycle mobility

A Naviki Contest is a bicycle challenge within the Naviki app, customised for your company.

It motivates employees to use their bicycles more frequent then ever before.

Thus, it brings numerous advantages for your company.

Strengthen team culture

Improve teamwork within your company. The positive team experience during a Naviki Contest encourages collaboration.

Common goals beyond work

A Naviki Contest increases social interaction. It brings out ambition and a positive team spirit. At the same time, it triggers a new type of ride sharing and even new friendships.

Energise team building with a Naviki Contest!

Implement an action for corporate fun

A Naviki Contest rewards your employees for every trip they cycle. Many examples have shown that this is great fun for everybody.

Game-like incentives for healthy behavior

Your Naviki Contest promotes the joy of cycling and it triggers positive communication. The Naviki app displays current rankings for teams and individuals any time. You may add prices for participation as an extra benefit for even more motivation.

Add a healthy pinch of fun to daily work routine!

Establish your corporate fitness device

Cycling improves your employees' health holistically and keeps everybody active. That's why it's efficient to boost bicycle mobility.

Positive effects for body and mind

Cycling gently strengthens the cardiovascular and immune system. A Naviki Contest playfully triggers your employees to cycle as often as possible for commuting, in everyday life and leisure.

Integrate a Naviki Contest as an efficient action of your mobility and health management!

Improve employees' health and quality of life

Employees who cycle to work live healthier and less stressful. They get sick less often and they increase their quality of life.

Effective prevention

A Naviki Contest is rewarding for your company. Cycling employees have an average of 1.3 fewer sick days than those commuting by car. They are more motivated, more satisfied and more cooperative. Across the EU, savings in the health sector due to cycling are put at 191 billion Euros.

Arrange your Naviki contest now!

Combine climate protection and mobility

Cycling is environmentally friendly mobility at its best.

Visible commitment to climate protection

Through a Naviki Contest, your employees avoid a significant amount of greenhouse gases. For each trip the Naviki app calculates the amount of avoided CO2. Cycling reduces local air pollutants and noise as well as parking space requirements for cars.

Set an example for climate protection. Commit to more bicycle mobility through a Naviki Contest!

Lowest possible effort, easy participation

We built the Naviki Contest tool for the lowest possible effort on your part. This includes your administration as well as participating employees.

Employees take part by performing a few simple steps:

  • Download the free Naviki app for Android or iOS
  • Register at Naviki
  • Participate in the contest by the aid of one switch
  • Record each bicycle trip by the aid of one tap

Your effort as company will be less than two hours. However, there are numerous opportunities for customising your contest to perfectly fit your company.

Contact us now in order to agree on the next steps for realising your Naviki Contest!

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