Basics facts in a nutshell

  • Naviki understands cycling as a powerful mode of transport for both everyday and leisure purposes. With its services Naviki wants to contribute to tap the huge potential of bicycle transport.
  • The popular cycling app Naviki offers worldwide high-quality route planning as well as map-based navigation with directional arrows and voice output.
  • Naviki offers six cycling-specific routing options: Everyday, Leisure, Racingbike, Mountainbike, S-Pedelec, Shorter Route).
  • Naviki provides comprehensive tools for documenting personal cycling activities on the long run. This includes heat-maps, the visibility of CO2 avoidance and money savings as well as successes which can be planned individually.
  • The Naviki Cloud allows combined usage of app and website. Planned and recorded routes synchronise and are accessible for users on all platforms.
  • For cities, regions, companies and NGOs Naviki provides numerous tailored tools, which help such partners to give cycling a push. This includes Naviki Contests, Naviki Route Widgets, routing integration and custom Naviki Pages.
  • Naviki was originally developed at Münster University of Applied Sciences. Today beemo GmbH (a spin-off enterprise) owns and further develops Naviki.

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