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Basics facts in a nutshell

  • Naviki offers world-wide bicycle specific route planning for everyday and leisure purposes via smartphone apps and its website
  • Naviki understands cycling as a powerful mode of transport. With its services Naviki contributes to tap the huge potential of bicycle traffic.
  • Naviki provides smartphone apps for Android and iOS which offer route planning, navigation, recording cycled paths and many other features.
  • For municipalities, tourism organisations and companies Naviki provides tailored tools providing such partners the opportunity to show their affinity for cycling.
  • Naviki is available on the internet since 2009, being the first international route planner for cycling.
  • Naviki was originally developed by Münster University of Applied Sciences. Today beemo GmbH (a spin-off enterprise) owns and further develops Naviki.

Contact for press and media

Achim Hennecke

Phone +49 251 49099902, Mobile +49 176 99195760, medien(at)

(no support requests)

Press comments

Bike lovers should get Naviki. Ultimately perfect routes for cycling!
Internet advice of the week
Naviki fully persuades with its specific bike routes. Fits all types of cyclists.
Very good bicycle satnav that knows about minor local tracks as well.
App of the day
Naviki is more comprehensive. Calculates desired routes and records cycled paths.
Innovation of the week
The best bike apps
Finding the best routes for cycling. Now you can calculate the fastest and most bicycle friendly route as easy as per car satnav.

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