Activities and Successes

Your extra motivation boost

In the Naviki app, you will now find the new fields Activities and Successes in 'My Naviki'. Look at your past achievements in Activities and motivate yourself to cycle again and again with self-created Successes. Read here what you can expect and convince yourself in the Naviki app.

Look back - numbers, statistics, heatmaps

Tap on Activities in 'My Naviki' to see what you have been doing with Naviki lately.

Let the heatmap show you where you have been on the road. Routes will be more highlighted the more often you have cycled them.

Pull up the sheet from the bottom of the screen. Here you can see how many kilometers and meters of altitude you have covered with Naviki. Below that, you get exciting statistics about your activities. For example, look at how much money you save by cycling compared to the car, how much CO2 you avoid or how many calories you burn while cycling. Tap on 'Edit' in the top right corner and create your personal selection of statistics.

Look ahead - goals, progress, successes

In 'My Naviki' you now find personal successes. This will help you to get on your bike even more motivated.

Create your own successes. Set yourself goals that you want to achieve. These can be places you want to visit or a distance you want to cover. Add to your goals when you want to reach them and cycle towards your success. With your personal successes, you determine yourself what motivates you.

Look at your progress. The overview shows you for each success how much you have already achieved. Tap on a success and Naviki will show you more information about it.

Be inspired by shared successes. Share your created successes with other Naviki users or discover their successes for yourself. Try it and you will be amazed how much CO2 you avoid, how many kilometers you cover over time and how much money you save by cycling.

Be proud of your performance!

With Activities and successes Naviki offers you great new features. Try them out immediately in the extensive and free basic version of Naviki. Access your activities for the last 28 days and plan your first achievements.

Convinced? Then buy Activities and successes as a cheap in-app purchase. This gives you additional access to your activities for the last 365 days and the entire time you have used Naviki. Plan up to 20 personal achievements.

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