Experience new mobility by bike

Perfect interplay of app and website

App and website interplay each other excellently, making Naviki notably convenient:

  • Plan routes comfortably on www.naviki.org and trans­mit them by just one klick for mobile usage and navigation with the Naviki app
  • Plan routes per app on the way and see or edit them on www.naviki.org afterwards
  • Build an impressive library of your recorded routes, accessible and enriched by additional information on www.naviki.org
  • Find thousands of recommended official bike routes on www.naviki.org and transmit your choice by just one click to the Naviki app

Better cycling experiences – whatever you plan

Naviki makes the most out of advanced technologies to create features that make cycling more fun and appealing.

The bicycle is not only a vehicle for leisure activities but a power­ful trans­port mode with huge potential. There­fore Naviki provides tailored infor­mation for arbitrary cycling situations. Naviki’s features are versatile, ranging from world-wide route planning for daily and leisure activi­ties to easy docu­men­tation of indi­vidual activities. It also enables choosing from thousands of points of interest as well as enjoying a com­fortable turn-by-turn navi­­ga­tion including voice instructions. Naviki’s team makes every effort to achieve one goal: Giving you a unique cycling experience.

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