Easily display bicycle routes on your platforms

With the Naviki Route Widget you can integrate any bike route as an attractive preview on your own website or in your Progressive Web App (PWA) with just a few clicks. For your online magazine, blog or tourism page, the route widget is a smart package of useful information, adding value to your content for cyclists.

The route widget consists of a box that displays brief information about the route, such as its name, length, and a map preview - see below. By clicking the widget in a desktop browser, the route opens at www.naviki.org. If you tap on the widget on a mobile device, the route will appear in the Naviki app, if installed.


Embed the Route Widget - it's as simple as that

1. Access a saved or memorised route on Naviki's Plan route page

2. Click the "</>" icon above the altitude diagram and then copy the displayed code

3. Paste the copied code into the Content Management System (CMS) of your blog or website

4. Reload website and admire Route Widget – done!

With a free Naviki account, you can easily upload routes and save calculated routes in your Naviki Cloud. You can then embed these routes using the widget.

For cooperation partners: Route Widget with pop-up

For cooperation partners we also offer the following option: When you click the widget, the route opens in a pop-up window above the website in which it is embedded. This route widget contains the partner's logo and color. Optionally, it may also display an image (centered example below).